Data Warehousing

School data systems such as Student Information Systems, Human Resources, Finance, Transportation and others usually stand isolated and independent of each other and difficult to share. DataCation Warehouse solution will allow stand alone systems to be integrated to provide aggregate data reporting while linking together information from a wide range of data sources and school management systems.

The DataCation Data Warehouse solution will align the different resources together to create aggregate reports from different systems to ensure that students are meeting standards and inform instruction for continuous schools improvement over time. The DataCation data model allows for state, district and school level customization to ensure attainment of all necessary information needed to be joined together to create reports to inform instruction and reallocate resources effectively. DataCation applications not only interoperable system connecting all school systems but also enables a district to attain and link data not previously collected in the current school management systems.

The solution applies ETL capabilities to allow for easy transfer and loading of data while working with the school district to ensure data integrity and reliability. DataCation Data Warehouse solution will provide tools and reporting for schools reform and the application to maintain and continuously improvement within a school system.


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