Customized Design

Datacation design frame is a full service integrated client/web based software solution. Each product is completely customizable to the school districts needs. We work closely with the school district MIS Team, Accountability Team and Instructional leaders to create utilities, products and functional analysis that fit the district, regions and schools philosophy and educational goals. We consult with the district so analytical reports, canned charts and graphs, accountability systems and data tracking are adapted to district wants and needs. DataCation systems take customization beyond the standard on-and-off module components from a system administrator. The client is part of the process from the beginning design phase so they get the exact product they want.

Web 2.0 Technologies

DataCation facilitates interactive information sharing, interoperability, and collaboration through user center design applicaitons using Web 2.0 Technologies. These tools provide users with ability to update and create collobrattive work and connect information together in a meaningful way which increases over all data performance and better understanding between users

Data Extraction

DataCation systems easily extract data by developing customized ETL application software from the district to the school level so all information is imported or exported with single push button technology. Extraction Systems go beyond SIF compliance allowing districts and school to easily integrate their data into current application system as well as extracting data into DataCation platforms with no additional programming.


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